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    Thought provoking and profoundly perceptive, The Throne Room Company has the power to revolutionize your understanding of God.


    In this book, Shawn Bolz reveals a fascinating message from Heaven that will penetrate the deep places of your heart. His stories and wisdom will guide you to a more noble place. In the Throne Room Company Shawn shares visions and revelations that will stir and awaken you to God's Call."


    At a time when our contemporary culture is crying out in hunger for a transcendentreality, The Throne Room Company invites us to a dynamic encounter withour heavenly Father. Shawn Bolz’s wonderful book offers a passionate partnershipwith God in His divine purposes on the Earth. —MIKE BICKLE, Director, International House of Prayer in Kansas City

    The Lord has given us a profound invitation to enter into His throne room. ShawnBolz releases awesome insights so we can better position our hearts for this ascension to God’s throne. Your life will be enriched and blessed as you read the thrillingpages of this book.—BOBBY CONNER, Founder, Eagle’s View Ministries

    The Throne Room Company is a trumpet call to the Body of Christ. The spiritual insights given to Shawn Bolz will help to unlock the destinies and spiritual opportunities for those desperately hungry to apprehend more of the Lord. As you read this book, may you receive a fresh impartation from Heaven. —PAUL KEITH AND WANDA DAVIS, Founders, WhiteDove Ministries

    There is a new, young generation being given an invitation to “come up here.” The Church is going to begin to live out of Heaven, under the government of the Spirit rather than human engineering. This book is that summons, and Shawn Bolz is a prophet for this coming generation. —LOU ENGLE, President, The Call


    The Throne Room Company stirs and ignites our passion to know our heavenly Father and have encounters with His. Shawn Bolz is one of those new generation leaders whose heart is set to apprehend God to the fullest. —AARON EVANS, Founder, Bridge Builders International

    A new generation of prophetic people is emerging on the scene, bringing with them fresh experiences straight from the presence of the Almighty’s throne. Shawn Bolz knows of which and of whom he speaks. Read this riveting revelatory book; then turn and answer God’s call to “Come up here!” —JIM W. GOLL, Cofounder, Ministry to the Nations

    Shawn Bolz is a penetrating prophetic voice to this generation. His message in The Throne Room Company cuts to the core of our heart’s motivation for pursuing God. In light of eternity, Shawn rallies the Body of Christ toward our top priority: To passionately love God and to give unswerving allegiance to His Kingdom values. —DANIEL KIM, Founder and Executive Director,

    Destiny Training International Shawn Bolz is a leader with a forerunner spirit. He is being used by the Lord to equip Joel’s mighty army that will transform our generation. In The Throne Room Company, Shawn shares visions and revelations that will stir and awaken you to God’s call.—BOB JONES

    The Throne Room Company is for the true and desperate seeker, the hungry disciple whose heart refuses to be satisfied with the norm. Shawn Bolz brilliantly calls our hearts to pure devotion and separation unto what fills Heaven itself—an intimate relationship with the God of glory. —PATRICIA KING, Founder, Extreme Prophetic

    Only someone who has stood in the throne room of God can write as Shawn Bolz writes. The Lord has shared many of His mysteries with Shawn and given him permission to pass them on to us. —ANNA ROUNTREE, Author, The Heavens Opened and The Priestly Bride

    Shawn Bolz is a forerunner, a ground-breaking leader among a generation of young men and women. I urge you to prayerfully consider what he has to say, that you might interact in a beneficial way with what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches in this day. —GARY WEINS, Senior Leadership Team, International House of Prayer in Kansas City



    Shawn Bolz is the real deal! What he shares in this amazing book are the first fruits of what many will experience in the days ahead. —CHE AHN, Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church

    Beloved, this book is radical! A potpourri of wisdom pulled from personal visitations,prophetic revelation, and profound teaching, Shawn Bolz has gathered rare keys of revelation that will redefine how you approach and appreciate God. What lies before you is a holy invitation—to come up higher to where angels fear to tread—to the very throne room of God. —JILL AUSTIN, Founder, Master Potter Ministries

    The Throne Room Company is truly apostolic in nature, giving readers a gloriousglimpse into the heavenly realm. Shawn Bolz is one of the fathers of a new breedof prophets and apostles. In this book, he gives a prophetic description of how the Body of Christ will look at the end of the age. I gladly recommend this book!—TODD BENTLEY, Founder, Fresh Fire Ministries


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