Keys to Heaven's Economy (10th Anniversary Edition)

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So begins the unfolding of Shawn Bolz's visitations from God's heavenly messenger, His minister of Finance. 

Heavenly Resources have only one purpose--that Jesus Christ would receive his full reward and inheritance in our age. Just as God held nothing back from Solomon, who longed to build a tabernacle for God on earth, God will hold nothing back from a generation of people who long to bring Jesus everything that belongs to Him!

God is about to release finances and resources to reshape the Body of Christ on the earth. God is looking for those who desire an open-door experience with the One who is the Master of all keys, Jesus. 


Book Reviews:

Shawn Bolz is one of the most “naturally supernatural” people I know and his new book reflects that wonderful balance. You will hunger for more of Jesus and His purposes as you read this book. —CHE AHN, Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, California

God has gifted Shawn Bolz with understanding, revelation, and application concerning Kingdom finances, which makes this a unique and urgent book for the Body of Christ today. We desperately need to understand and apply these principles so that Jesus will receive the fullness of His inheritance. This book is a divine invitation for those who are ready, willing to pay the price, and waiting to partner with Him for the critical times ahead.—JILL AUSTIN, President and Founder, Master Potter Ministries

Amazing encounters! Amazing understanding! Amazing revelatory teaching! This is not just another good book—it contains part of Heaven’s blueprint for abundant provision for God’s end-time purposes. Read, believe, prepare, and receive. Within these pages awaits an appointment with destiny, with you in mind! —JAMES W. GOLL, Cofounder, Encounters Network

Understanding the heart and ways of God concerning Kingdomeconomy is wonderfully disclosed in this vision. In Keys to Heaven’s Economy, Shawn Bolz faithfully stewards a profound and divine prophetic revelation. If his vision and teaching are received in faith, the reader will definitely be impacted and blessed as I was. —PATRICIA KING, Founder, XP Media

This revelation, given by way of visitation to Shawn Bolz, will operate with a breaker anointing to release faith and hope to individuals as they read. It felt alive and as if the Heavens were being opened up for provision on my behalf; my understanding turned into expectation. I thank God for ones like Shawn who have given themselves to the Lord in such a way as to receive deep spiritual understanding for the Body of Christ.—JOANN MCFATTER, Founder, Inside-Eternity,

In Keys to Heaven’s Economy, Shawn Bolz reveals to us the Lord’s desire to bless us and bring us into a full manifestation of His resources. We are entering into the next phase of the supernatural war over the transference of wealth. Shawn gives us great insight into this dimension of Kingdom exchange.—DR. CHUCK D. PIERCE, President, Glory of Zion International Ministries, Inc. Vice President, Global Harvest Ministries

This book will cause your heart to tremble with a renewed awareness of the sacredness of all God has entrusted to you. Especially fascinating is Shawn Bolz’s insight on how God’s strategy is to deploy His fivefold ministry gifts into all levels of the business and professional sectors. —BOB SORGE, Author and Teacher,

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Keys to Heavens Economy by Shawn Bolz Digital Book