Modern Prophets by Shawn Bolz

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New Release from Shawn Bolz

One-third of the Bible is framed with stories about people hearing God and the amazing outcomes and benefits of their relational journeys with Him. Why would the Bible be so focused on the role of prophecy and prophets if this powerful toolset wasn’t still available today? And if these gifts are available, how can we practically administrate these supernatural occurrences into our very real lives? Is it possible?

Read this how-to book that will show you how to bring God’s dreams and desires for every person through prophecy. In this very practical but theological guide, you will see how prophecy is still God’s way of building His purposes and plans in partnership with believers. Business plans are perfected, kidnapped victims are discovered, government officials are elected—all by hearing God’s voice. This book provides practical theology, creative ideas on how to build spiritual intelligence in administrating this gift, and starter models for how to operate this in your church, ministry network, business, and beyond.

Prophecy is not just about hearing God’s voice but administering God’s will in every area of life. Much of the prophetic today is elusive and unapproachable, but practical tools of healthy theology are changing our options, and this book can bring about your personal experiential and theological reformation on prophecy. Let’s do this!